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UTC run four events a year. Starting with a Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run) and ending with a Duathlon. We will be running a training package for relative newbies to combined sports and we have a name for it...

Start 2020 with a duathlon while the weather sorts itself out. This year, you can  go for the longer distance if you're feeling ready for it! 

Shorter distance = 3k run 17k bike 3k run and the longer distance  = 5k run 28k bike 5k run. Both distances will run alongside each other and the date for this is 15th March 2020.

See below for fees but also take a look at the EVENTS section of the web site for further info (look up and right a bit.. go on...yes that's it you've found it.) :)  Links on the page to follow soon!!

In between these two Duathlons we will be running a Sprint Triathlon and an Open Water Tri.   Again a training package is on offer for those wanting to have a go at Triathlon for the first time or those who want to progress from Running Biking or Swimming to all three !  The sessions lead up to the Sprint Tri 31st May 2020. Yep it also has a name.....

Its called "Try a Tri " (you see what we did there again eh?) Regular weekly training sessions to get you up to speed ('scuse the pun) and ready to do the UTC Sprint Triathlon on 31st May 2020. Approx 10 week lead up with regular weekly sessions in swimming running and biking with perhaps some circuit training thrown in if you fancy it. 

The packages help you not only increase your fitness levels but also make some time in your busy life to look after the most important person ...yes YOU! and you'll make some great friends as a bonus!

Fees for the training packages will be just £50!   yep, Only £50 and you get ALL THAT COACHING and access to the pool sessions too! and guess what? Sign up before end of January 2020 and the annual club membership is included. Wha!!!  we are giving this away I hear you say... well maybe one or two of you thought it. This folks is a Bargain! Great Christmas/Birthday pressie for .. well anybody really.  The links will be up on the site and on our FB page in December so you'll have to keep checking. Places are limited !!

Look around the site, we TRI (yea, you get it) to keep the site up to date but we do occasionally need a nudge so bear with us if dates or links etc are missing. As soon as we have events confirmed with British Triathlon, we will get the links up onto this site and our FB page so hang in there. 

Alan     Chair UTC

For more information on our training or to become a member please get in touch.

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