Hey all – we’ve had a chat and decided that anyone getting their membership form for 2014, and cash, to a committee member before 20th December will be eligible to participate in the duathlon on 22nd December – effectively getting 13 months membership for the price of 12.  Obviously, you’ll want to know what other incentives are in place, so we’ll have some booze and mince pies at the duathlon to celebrate what’s been an awesome year for us.  Also….. as a celebration for finishing each lap on the bike, we’ll have a shot of hot toddy waiting to see you on your way.

The duathlon will be OFFROAD in December, and will be operating out of GSK’s sports club facilities (fingers crossed, we’re just finalising details with them now), more details to come on that in the near future.

A big, BIG, GIMASSIVE thanks to everyone who’s been involved in the club so far, on every level.  It’s been an incredible experience for us to have such enthusiasm from you all, and it’s made doing organisation of stuff like the duathlons so much easier.

We’ve got some exciting prospects set up for the year ahead, including getting our coaching structure improved, acquiring our club kit, buying some training aids and some incredible prospects for Open Water Swim action


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