New Year – and we’ve got plenty of plans!

So we met on Thursday for the best club committee meeting since we affiliated the club last year, and discussed some quite frankly awesome plans.  Some of which we’ll tell you about come the new year, but some of which are outlined below!


Weekly sessions in the new year will run from week commencing 6th January as follows:


Tuesday – 5:45pm – RUN – from Lakes Leisure, warm up followed by technique and speed/drills

Wednesday – 6:30am – SWIM – Lakes Leisure, technique session – coached session every other week (alternating with below)

Thursday – 8:45pm – SWIM – Lakes Leisure, swim drills – coached session every other week

Friday – 6pm – EXTREME CIRCUITS with Etienne – Lakes Leisure

Saturday – 11am – BIKE – Siemens Ulverston (LA12 9EE) Tri-specific which will alternate – 1 week endurance, 1 week short speed-work
Remember that Lakes Leisure have got some great offers on, particularly for our members, which mean that you can get gym, swim and classes for £25 per month

As part of the formal club business, we need to have an Annual General Meeting, with 25% of club members present.  The AGM will happen some time toward the end of January at a venue to be confirmed.

We’ve got some incredibly exciting plans for Open Water Swim sessions and ‘try a tri’ programmes which we’ll advise of once we’ve got some confirmed details.

The majority of our sessions are going to be aimed at helping novices gain confidence for their first triathlon.  Initially in the new year, we’ll be looking to use the Ulverston Tri in April as our target to work towards.  Those more experienced triathletes are obviously more than welcome to join in with everything, and we’ll gladly be accepting your support and experience to help us plan the future

With regard to coaching structure – we’ve currently got one Level 2 swim coach (Caroline) and a Level 1 Tri coach (Wayne), with plans for a further 3 Level 1 Tri coaches next year.  If you’re interested in gaining your coaching qualifications, or have coaching qualifications you can use to help – please do get in touch.  We’ll also be doing some work/gaining some support from Emma Brunning and her crew at ActiveBlu on Windermere, as well as investigating how we can work more closely with Kendal Tri Club


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