Saturday Bike session 5th April 9:30 am, Siemens Ulverston LA12 9EE

Good Evening Folks
After a hard weekend`s racing for some and some tough sessions during this last week and with the exciting prospect of Ettiennes competition at circuits this Friday..Saturdays bike session will be a ride around the Finsthwaite/Cartmel area with the focus on group riding and pacing. My good lady Janet is up for leading a steadier paced ride around the same area as an option if anyone fancies that..We`ll meet at Siemens, Ulverston LA12 9EE at 9:30 am.. Hope to see you all then

Next Saturday, we will have a brick session as a dress rehearsal for Ulverston Tri using the Tri bike course and run route and also a transition skill session.. also a quick few top tips on how to carry out a pre race check of our race gear.. I really hope as many of our club members as possible can come along to practice on the Tri course next week


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