UTC…The Story so far

I just thought I would share my thoughts about how I feel about our club…
On a July day last year a certain Mr Wayne Singleton asked me if I had 5 minutes to spare for a chat..
During that chat he asked me what I thought about starting a Triathlon club based here in Ulverston..I suppose my reaction gave it away: I was extremely keen to say the least. His reply was “That’s good Macca ‘cos I’ve got Mark Laithwaite from Epic events and Lucy Cowgill from Tri England coming for a meeting next week”…
And so, from that 5 minute chat, UTC was born and in the few months that have passed our club’s success and development has gone way beyond what any of us could have dreamed and that is all down to… YOU, OUR FANTASTIC MEMBERS.
The rest of the committee and myself would like to thank you all for your support and committment in making our club such a great one in the few short months we have been together and we should all be proud of ourselves in OUR achievements..
Onwards and Upwards for TEAM UTC and in Hoppy’s famous words


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