NEWS FLASH!!!! Dedicated Pool Time

Due to increasing demand for swim sessions and the pressure on the two lanes on Wednesdays and Thursday…….

Starting 4th October we will have private hire of the pool at Ulverston Leisure Centre every Saturday morning from 7.30-8.30 am
This is a huge leap forward and one that requires support from members.
The Wednesday and Thursday sessions will still be available but may not always be coached to allow us a life
Wednesdays will go to more advanced and Thursdays ideally novices but more details to follow on those.
Saturdays will be a £5 cost to cover pool hire, which when you look at what your getting from it is excellent value.
There will be two coaches poolside to cover novice and advanced swimmers,this will be the main coaching session of the week and will be bookable.
It can only work if it’s well supported so book early to avoid disappointment.
You could also go out on the Saturday bike afterwards and then maybe a small run even
For now please if you want in on the first ever UTC private session.


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