Training Blocks & Testing Sessions

Hi All,

We have been working hard behind the scenes to try and develop a more structured approach to our club training sessions, and starting in November we will be trialing 4 week training blocks focusing on different aspects of the sport. Each block will be prepared by different coaches which will hopefully keeps things interesting, and also enable the coaches to gain the experience required for coaching qualifications. Sessions will cater for ALL ABILITIES, with pace / time / distances etc adjusted to suit.

We are also going to plan the year with a more periodised approach in mind, so will be working through Base, Build, Peak and Competitive training phases. With this in mind we are going to start regular testing in all 3 disciplines at approximately 8 week intervals. This will help us track progress (and hopefully improvement) and help us set training paces to be used by individuals during the workouts.

The CSS (Critical Swim Speed) session last week was the first of these test sessions. Next up is a 10 Mile Bike Time Trial scheduled for this Saturday (9am 11th October), followed by a 3km Run Time Trial scheduled for next Tuesday (5:45pm Tuesday 14th October)

Remember if you can’t make the club session when the test is carried out, just do it in your time (preferably during the same week) and send your results to

All of this is a work in progress so please show the coaches some patience and understanding. We are all quite new to this, but with your support we can develop over time to help all levels of athletes to achieve their triathlon goals

New training sessions are also in the pipeline, so watch this this space for further developments. Lets continue to support the club as much as possible, and I’m sure UTC will continue to grow from strength to strength!!!




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