Right Folks! We are about to start rolling out our new UTC training structure, which is based around 4 week blocks targeting specific triathlon skills and training techniques. This first block will run from 3rd to 30th November, and each block will be written by a different coach to help us develop our coaching skills, and hopefully provide you guys some variety and key skills / sessions to improve yourselves as athletes:

TUES RUN 17:45 – Pacing
WED SWIM 06:30 – Open Water Sighting
THUR SWIM 20:45 – General Swim Technique
SAT SWIM 07:45 – Breathing
SAT BIKE 09:00 – Bike Handling (followed by group ride)

And don’t forget Etienne’s extreme circuits every Friday 6pm

Let us know how we are doing over the course of the month with feedback (either on here or email to paddyhopkirk69@gmail.com) Its a big learning curve for us all, but hopefully we are heading in the right direction to provide a more structured training system which will enable you all to improve and help reach your goals!



greg 5


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