UTC Winter Duathlon Series Race 3

We have now reached the halfway point in the winter duathlon series, which meant in was time for some fun in the mud this weekend!

Hopefully all of our competitors enjoyed the race, and some got even better value for money than others by completing 11 laps on the 10 lap bike course (apologies to Ren and Paul – we will improve our arithmetic for next time, and ensure the guilty parties are severely disciplined!)

The racing was hard and fast throughout the field, with some great sprint finishes as well!

Well done to Kie Jackson and Caroline Boyle on their impressive wins






A few notable things from the day:

• Chris Clinch decided to give the rest of the field 30 second head start – very sporting of you Chris (he was actually too busy in the mirror getting his santa hat and beard ‘just so’)
• Keith Conway had no qualms about riding the whole course with his brakes locked on – now that’s dedication to getting strong legs this winter! Great effort and perseverance for finishing!
• Paul Stanway getting his Runcember miles done whilst marshalling – now that’s time efficient!
• Peter Denness refused to DNF due to a bike mechanical, so ran a full lap of the bike course before borrowing a bike from a friendly spectator
• Greg Bartlett unfortunately hitting the tarmac by challenging himself to have a drink on the tightest corner of the course
• Stuart Barclay’s impressive voice projection of the number ‘8’ – it made us laugh anyway……


Well done to all who took part, and special thanks as always to the marshals that volunteered – Wayne even managed to bag himself a cup of tea from some friendly home owner out on the course – now that Christmas spirit!!

Also thanks to Paul and Janet McKenny, without their work behind the scenes, these events would basically not happen.

Duncan Eley and Caroline Boyle now lead the race series overall – full results and standings can be found here:


Keep on supporting the duathlons by racing or marshalling – next race Sunday 25th January

Enter Online here:







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