UTC Winter Duathlon Series Race 4

Another great morning of mud, sweat and tears at the 4th race of the the UTC winter duathlon series

It was wet…….it was cold…….it was muddy……..but it was a blast as always

Great to see so many smiling faces – you must all be mental!

Hope to see some new faces at the next offroad duathlon 22nd February – more details here:



10409661_10206292292409570_3372619591827983172_n 10931243_10206292299049736_1113798578105495313_n 10933904_10206292301889807_4472124012028716332_n 10830768_10206292352491072_5161824531031993570_o 10887138_10206292377811705_660311806452893633_o 10917027_10206292385011885_4352714354623855783_o 10835035_10206292398892232_5650771765899810879_o 10497330_10206292426372919_1700850040740710236_o 10952565_10206292436173164_4539909990081495562_o 10924629_10206292442013310_378557512383676075_o 10924223_10206292455653651_8237987221295184415_o 10623740_10206292463613850_1151137640830095538_o 10952478_10206292465133888_7960928195143886536_o




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