UTC Summer Events

Further to Alex’s note the other week, we’re very pleased to announce that our lovely shiny new Summer Tri’s are now open for business!

Our first event on 26th June is being held in conjunction with the Go for Jo Charity campaign that many of you will be aware of.  This and the 11th September event both have long, short and relay options available.  We’re also very happy to confirm the return of the Lakeland Ladies Tri on 14th August, which is sprint distance for solo and relay options.

Full details and entry information can be found here:

Tri 1: 26th June Entry

Lakeland Ladies Tri

Tri 2: 11th September Entry

As part of your annual membership fee, UTC members will receive a £5 discount on the entry fee for each of these events – to use when entering the race.  We’ll be sending the discount code out via email to the address used when you signed up, so keep your eyes peeled…   

Er, ‘Game On!’ anyone…




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