Coached Open Water Swim Sessions

Hallo all.  The coached open water swim sessions that we had last year with Christine Johnson will be starting up again next Monday (the 23rd) for UTC members.  The sessions are at Fell Foot starting at 6.30pm and it’s £5 per session – just pay Christine on the night.  You’ll need a wetsuit, goggles and a coloured swim cap so you’re easy to spot in the water.  These sessions were well attended last year by peeps of all abilities as you get the benefits of coaching, but they’re particularly good if you’re new to open water and want to build your confidence up.

We can only keep these sessions going if enough people turn up though, so make sure you come along if you want to see them continue!

**Volunteers needed**  Every week we’ll need a volunteer to provide water safety – but instead of keeping watch from the bank like last year, this time you’ll get to paddle round on a kayak.  Win!  (It’s pretty straightforward and Christine will brief you on what to do).  So please let us know if you’d like to volunteer.


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