Club Committee

CHAIR: Duncan Scott

The new man at the helm for 2017…I think he was as surprised as anyone to ‘volunteer’.


VICE CHAIRS: Euan Mckinnon & Paul Dewar

Euan’s a former Club Captain & cheerleader for all things UTC.  Stepped up to Ironman in 2017 and took the rest of the year off after…   Also former winner of the Club’s ‘Stan Laurel’ Award, awarded for general cockuppery in the pursuit of triathlon endeavour…


Paul’s a seasoned Ironman, multiple-marathon lunatic, club pub landlord & general legend.  Also a fan of flip flops and allegedly a ‘bit grumpy’, but don’t hold that against him.



TREASURERS: Dan Harris/Tom Southward

dan treasurer       Tom

Peas in a financial pod.  Love their treasure.  Handy with the old spreadsheet, deep pockets, short arms…you get the drift. Keeping us all straight with Club funds.  

SECRETARY: Dan Hartley


Reluctantly organises all the meetings, keeping the admin legit and generally doing all the spadework that all the glory seekers can’t be bothered with.  So grumpy.  He loves it really…just not in the pool. A definite dryathlete.



Cian’s the real life doctor who watches over our general wellbeing.  Good job none of us are accident prone… He first got into triathlon while living in New Zealand and didn’t get put off by (repeatedly) getting beaten by a bunch of teenagers. Stubbornness, laziness and lack of endurance all contribute to his preference for shorter events. 


HEAD COACH: Annaliese Sales

Leads the volunteer coaching team in pursuit of the ultimate triathlon training regime and keeps us all in tip top condition ready for our next multi-sport adventure. Often found signing up to events before thinking them through and occasionally does the odd Ironman, when let off other duties.



‘Let’s be ‘aving you’ is her oft heard rallying cry for marshals for Club events.  Don’t stand still or she’ll sign you up before you know it.



LADIES CO-ORDINATORS: Siobhan Caine & Aimee Goodings

Sorting out all the training and events for the ladies in the Club.




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